St Georges Day Celebration

Friday 23rd April 2010

On the 23rd April 2010, St Georges Day was celebrated at Sturry with a special concert, with acts and performances given by members of the congregation, the Cub Scouts, Sturry Singers, Circle Dancers, Flame Music Team and Beltinge Ladies' Choir.

The celebrations started with everyone joining in singing The National Anthem, led by Flame Music Team and . After the interval, during which refreshments and a cake were served along with a raffle, everyone sang 'When a Knight Won his Spurs' and then the performances continued. At the end 'Jerusalem' and 'Rule Brittania' were sung.

The proceeds were shared between Church Funds and the A.R.C. [Arthritis Research Campaign].


Canterbury church  Canterbury  

The church was decorated with flags and banners for the occasion.

George and the Dragon! Harp performance  

Left: The Dragon and George!        Right: A harpist performed three songs.

Circle Dancers More circle dancing  

Circle Dancers from Sturry danced around a candle.

The Beltinge Ladies' Choir Dramatic monologue  

Left: The Beltinge Ladies' Choir.        Right: A dramatic monologue.

Singing St George's Day flower arangements  

Left: Solo singing.        Right: St George's Day flower arrangements

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