Sturry Church

4-day Bible Reading Marathon - May 2006

Successfully completed in about 74 hours ! ...

This event started at 8:00am on Thursday morning when Revd Peter Cornish started reading from Genesis chapter 1 verse 1. For the next 74 hours, around 150 different people from aged under 9 to over 90 read the Bible continuously from beginning to end, day and night for 4 days. 

bible reading marathon


Bible Reading Marathon day 1
Bible Reading Marathon day 1

Readers on Thursday included Bishop Stephen and Bishop Michael Turnbull and many children from Junior Kings School. Most of the readings were in English, but other languages such as German and Afrikaans were also used.

Bible Reading Marathon day 1
Reader from Junior Kings School
Bible Reading Marathon day2
Bible being read in German

It took 3 hours 35 minutes to read Genesis, 3 hours 5 minutes to read Exodus and 2 hours 25 minutes for Leviticus.

The first 5 books of the Bible were all read on Thursday, and by midnight Joshua was being read.

Bible Reading Marathon day 1
One of the younger readers
Bible Reading Marathon day2
Thursday evening

Friday night

Friday night was staffed by many of the men from church, taking turns to read and sleep, followed by an early morning breakfast.

Bible Reading Marathon day 1
Reading through Friday night
Bible Reading Marathon day2
Breakfast on Saturday morning
for some of the night readers

By Saturday midday, most of the Old Testament had been read. The New Testament was started in the late afternoon, and by Saturday evening the Bible Readers were over an hour ahead of expected time.

Saturday night..

For much of Saturday night, the Seekers and Super Seekers group took turns to read before camping out in one of the tower rooms.

Bible Reading Marathon day 1

Bible Reading Marathon day 1
Reading through Saturday night.
Bible Reading Marathon day2
Seekers asleep!
After taking some of the Saturday night readings

Sunday morning....

The last chapters of John's Gospel were read around midnight, and the final book of the bible, Revelation started at 9am on Sunday morning, just before the start of the main morning service.

Bible Reading Marathon day 1
Nearing the end of Revelation....
Bible Reading Marathon day2
Bishop Graham Cray reading the last few chapters
of Revelation on Sunday morning

Adult readers read for 15 minutes at a time, and children for 5 minutes.

Readers included:

Most of the readers are members of the local parish, living in Sturry, Westbere, Broad Oak, Hersden or Fordwich but some travelled from further afield to take part. A full list of readers, including the passages read can be found on the Bible Readers page.

The experiences of the Bible Reading Marathon formed the basis of one of Lost Sheep's new songs, as featured on their latest CD.

Further information available from Roger Thompson - email