Sturry Church

MegaQuest Holiday club photos

Over 40 children came to MegaQuest 2002 in Sturry Social Centre, for a week of fun finding out more about God. Each day included a mixture of worship, video, craft work, games and the Blockbusters quix game.

Photo of watching the video

Each day we watched a video,

Photo of singing songs

and sang songs

Photo of dancing the conga

The theme of MegaQuest 2002
was God's Big Plan for the World.
Each day we did some interesting craft work

Photo of making lanterns

On Monday we painted glasses

Photo of the lanterns

in which we lit candles for our worship on Friday.

Photo of clay modelling

On Tuesday we did clay modelling

Photo of making T shirts

and on Wednesday we designed and made our own T shirts

Photo of making scraper pictures

On Thursday we made surprise pictures

Photo of the scraper sunrise pictures

and these are a few of the finished pictures
We played different team games each day

Photo of playing lifeboat

Getting ready to play lifeboats

Photo of playing caterpillar

and the yellow team in the caterpillar game



The parachute game was very popular



Underneath the parachute



Team Games

Photo of playing dodgeball

Each day we played the BLOCKBUSTERS quiz game.

Photo of Blockbusters quiz game

Playing Blockbusters

Photo of announcing the scores

Announcing the scores

Photo of lanterns in a cross shape

At the end of the week, we used the glasses we had decorated on Monday as lanterns in the shape of a cross as a focus to our worship.

MegaQuest was all about God's Big Plan for the World