Sunday Jammers

Sunday mornings in Sturry Social Centre

Sunday Jammers is children aged between 5-10, and designed to give them lots of room to explore Christianity through games, sport, craftwork, songs and Bible-teaching.

They start in the 9.30am service at Sturry Church before leaving to walk across to the Sturry Social Centre and they re-join the rest of the congregation at the end of the service for drinks and biscuits.

The current leader of this group is Lisa Haines.

We believe that safety is paramount for all young people at Sturry and so we register all children in our groups both at the start and end of each session.

What happens at Sunday School?

  • We come together to worship, to pray, to hear God's word, to praise, to meet God together, to make friends...
  • And we come together to have fun!


Jesus wants us to follow him; following can be hard work...

Sunday school obstacle course 1       Sunday school obstacle course 3 
Following the leader through an obstacle course
       Sunday school obstacle course 4

Sunday school following each other game 'Duck, duck GOOSE!' game and making Easter gardens Sunday school making easter garden